Paula Jean Creations

Paula Jean Creations, a Sacramento based company, is the manufacturer and seller of the Kwik Klip, Quilters Delight Safety Pin Cover and Needle-Ez™. We can also help in the design, manufacture, and distribution of your product ideas.

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Quilters Delight®

Kwik Klip™


Match Makers®
Quilters Delight® Kwik Klip Needle-Ez™ Match Makers® Wrap-N-Strap®

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How To Use The Kwik Klip™ : Select one of the movies below:
Select an MPEG movie if you are using Windows.
Select a QuickTIme movie if you are using a Mac.

Inserting Removing Ease of Use
MPEG movie MPEG movie MPEG movie
QuickTime movie QuickTime movie QuickTime movie

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Paula Jean Creations
2827 Echo Way, Sacramento, CA 95821
Tel: (916) 488-3480