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STAR TECH/Paula Jean Creations is proud to introduce the new and improved Match Makers, a tactual marking system for visually impaired (color blind, low vision, and blind) to match and identify items such as clothing, towels, linens, and products such as food items (canned, boxed, frozen), spices, medication, and make-up (lipstick, nail polish, etc). Match Makers are easy to use and can be attached under a shirt collar, on a shirttail or wherever they are most convenient.

DRESSING IS THE SECOND MOST DIFFICULT DAILY TASK FOR THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED. Match Makers solves this problem therefore making life easier. Attaching Match Makers to apparel, the visually impaired can choose their own daily wardrobe instead of relying on others. Match Makers also provides the opportunity to expand ones' wardrobe selections.

Match Makers consist of a plastic cover with large raised dots. The cover is attached to a brass nickel-plated safety pin. The heights of the raised dots allow easy and quick recognition of each pattern, even for Diabetics with a loss of feeling in the fingertips. Braille reading capability is not required to use Match Makers.

The design of Match Makers is unique in that they are small and they will stay attached during laundering. There are 17 dot patterns, which can make hundreds of combinations and covers can be modified to create a specific dot pattern.

The new Match Makers can be used in two pattern combinations: 1.) Match by number of dots, 2.) Match by assigning a color to each dot pattern.

Matching by number of dots. Use a 1 dot Match Makers to identify matching wardrobe items, such as trousers and skirts with shirts and blouses. Identify shirts and blouses that can be worn with more than one pair of trousers or skirt by attaching two Match Makers.

Assigning a color. Dots can represent a color. For example: A Match Makers with 1 dot on the coiled end of the safety pin can be assigned the color white. A Match Makers with 1 dot on the opposite side of the coiled end of the safety pin can be assigned the color black.

To identify products such as spices, canned, boxed, frozen items, shampoos and medications, attach Match Makers to a rubber band. Example: A Match Makers with 1 dot identifies canned corn. Match Makers with 2 dots identifies canned peas.

For safety, Match Makers can be used to distinguish cleaning products from insect sprays.

The magic of Match Makers is a system that can be personalized to the needs of the individual. Match Makers are easy for all ages and give independence, confidence, and self-reliance for the visually impaired.


• 238 Match Makers
• 17 different dot patterns
   (14 of each pattern)
• 1 large type
• Audio cassette instructions

Each Match Makers kit costs $49.95 plus $5.00 S/H (continental U.S.). Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and U.S. possessions add $5.00. All foreign addresses add an additional $12.00 (total $17.00). All orders must include area code and phone number. Include your email address and you will be notified by UPS when your order has shipped and the UPS tracking number. (Email addresses are never shared with outside parties.)

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