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Kwik Klip
The finest ergonomic thimble.


Use the Needle-Ez™ thimble to push needles easily through thick cloth, seams and leather. The Needle-Ez™ handle, being especially easy to hold for those with arthritic hands, is also used for quilting on a hoop or a frame. The Needle-Ez™ comes in handy when doing craft projects where needles need to be pushed through various heavy materials.

There are two holes in the tip of the Needle-Ez™, one deep and one shallow. First place the needle and thread in the deep hole and effortlessly guide the needle through the thickest material. Use the shallow hole to push the needl;e further through. if the needle can;t be pulled through there is an indention in the tip to push the needle further so it can be completely pulled through.

For quilting on a hoop or frame the Needle-Ez™ has a small hole on the side of the tip for rocking the needle back and forth for tight stiches.

Needle Ez
Injection molded plastic tip
Hardwood Handle
Varnished Oak Finish
4 inches long
Price - $9.95

Please contact your local quilt or fabric store for Kwik Klips™. Supporting your local quilt store is very important to us. If you can't obtain Kwik Klips™ or our other products locally or through catalogs, we will fill your order. Shipping costs are never marked up and we require complete address information to determine lowest cost shipping costs. Payment by credit card is through PayPal or by check. If you wish to use PayPal, please email us advising what items and how many of each you are ordering.  We will send you an invoice through PayPal for credit card payment. All email orders (any orders) must include area code and phone number. (Email addresses are never shared with outside parties.)  We welcome telephone calls to help you regarding ordering or more information.

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