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Quilters Delight
Safety Pin Grip Cover

Attach Quilters Delight grip covers to all your safety pins. With Quilters Delight your safety pins are:

  • Easy to handle - arthritic hands and long fingernails
  • Easy to use - baste faster
  • Easy to pick up
  • Easy to find
  • Packaged 200 per bag
  • UPC labeled and 1/4" hanger hole
  • Attaches to #1 Steel and #1 Curved Steel Safety Pins
Quilters Delight

Quilters Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers are available in a mixed bag which contain some or all of the following colors.


Baste your quilts easier and faster using Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Covers. Safety pins with Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Covers attached are easy to pickup, insert, and close, and saves you time as the covers make it easy to see where you have basted pins on your quilt. The flat top of the plastic covers prevents indentions in your fingers when pushing down to close the safety pin and the plastic body is easier to hold than the thin safety pin wire. Basting with the Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Cover is wonderful especially if you have arthritic hands or long nails.   

Another great feature of the Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Covers is that you can leave your safety pins open, as the covers prevent safety pins from tangling, leaving pins ready for the next quilt.

Baste your quilts easier and faster using Quilters Delight® safety pin grip covers and the Kwik Klip™ safety pin fastening tool.   Use the Kwik Klip™ to fasten and unfasten safety pins, and cut your basting time in half!

Kwik Klip™ is recommended by Eleanor Burns and featured on her PBS series "Quilt In A Day."

Additional use for Quilters Delight® Safety Pin Grip Covers :

Give children a new level of independence by using various colors of Quilters Delight® to match their clothes. Shorts with a blue cover matches shirts with a blue cover. Quilters' Delight® makes it easy for the kids to pick their own clothes, which means less "stress" for you!

Please contact your local quilt or fabric store for Kwik Klips™. Supporting your local quilt store is very important to us. If you can't obtain Kwik Klips™ or our other products locally or through catalogs, we will fill your order. Shipping costs are never marked up and we require complete address information to determine lowest cost shipping costs. Payment by credit card is through PayPal or by check. If you wish to use PayPal, please email us advising what items and how many of each you are ordering.  We will send you an invoice through PayPal for credit card payment. All email orders (any orders) must include area code and phone number. (Email addresses are never shared with outside parties.)  We welcome telephone calls to help you regarding ordering or more information.

Quilters Delight

$19.99 - bag of 200 pin covers

Pin covers with very sharp curved pins attached are available by direct order from Paula Jeans Creations. Email how many bags you need and we will send a PayPal invoice to your email address. Please include if you live in California for sales tax. Payment may be made by check, please make sure your telephone # and area code is on the check or with your order.

$24.00 Bag of 200 Assembled Pin Covers with closed #1 Curved very sharp steel nickel-plated safety pins..

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