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Paula Jean Creations - maker of the Kwik Klip, Quilters Delight Safety Pin Grip Cover and Needle-Ez™

Proudly bringing you our fine quilting products made in the USA



Needle-EZ™ is the perfect tool for hand stitching through thick material and leather.


Made with a hardwood handle and a plastic tip with two holes. One deep hole       and one short hole which holds the needle in place to push through material.


• Easy to grip

• Ends sore fingers

• Prevents broken finger nails or stuck fingers

• Made in the USA. Life time warranty



Needle-EZ™ $9.95


#1 Curved Steel Safety Pins









Safety pins are #1 curved nickel plated steel.



#1 Curved Steel Safety Pins $6.00


Quilters Delight® grip covers with curved steel pins attached

Easy to use and makes basting faster. Saving you time!


Easy to pick up and handle for arthritic hands and long fingernails

• Won’t tangle when left open

• Easy to find and see them on your quilt

Packaged 200 per bag

• Made in the USA. Life time warranty



Quilters Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers $30.00


Quilters Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers

4-¾ inch

Nose Pliers


The perfect needle nose pliers to snap #1 steel safety pins into the Quilters Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers


•  Non-slip comfortable soft-grip

•  Interlocking spring mechanism

•  4¾ inches



4-¾ inch Nose Pliers $4.00


Kwik Klip 4-Pack Combo. Save $6


•Kwik Klip™.

•Quilters Delight®  safety pin grip covers

•200 -  #1 curved nickel plated  steel safety pins

•1 – 4 ¾ inch crafter needle nose pliers





Paula Jean Creations is pleased to carry this great problem solver of messy/tangled cords and cables.Wrap-N-Strap®

Strap is an adjustable rubber strap designed to neatly bundle electrical cords on hundreds items around the house, in the kitchen, office, garage and more.


• Made of durable stretchy rubber with a hard plastic button fastener.  Once

  attached it stays attached. There’s no risk of losing or misplacing the strap.

• Package contains 2 white and 3 black 6 inch straps and fasteners

• Eliminates tangled messy cords

• Adjustable and re-usable to fit any length of cord

• Requires no tooling to affix or operate

• Available in 4, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24 inch lengths


Please see all the lengths and colors of straps available at:




And more..

Kwik Klip 4-Pack Combo $34.00
Wrap-N-Strap® $6.99

Starter Combo Pack


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