Paula Jean is Retiring!

After 30 years we are retiring and selling the last 

of our inventory before we close forever.  


We stopped having our products

manufactured so this is the last chance to own

our products that changed forever how basting a quilt

could be done without pain and actually be fun.


 Our Kwik Klip ended fingers getting stuck by the end of pins when basting.


The Quilters Delight changed lives of those that had given up making quilts

as they could not pick up pins with arthritic hands and fingers.


Pins with covers were now easy to pick up and we made peoples lives better.


We appreciate the support we have

received from our amazing customers – quilters!







International shipping instructions: most countries require Priority shipping so please provide:

  1. List items and quantities
  2. Provide your complete shipping address.
  3. Include a phone number.
  4. Email us at
  5. We provide shipping costs by email as we only charge what USPS charges.
  6.  In many cases it will be advisable to have 2-3 people order to share international shipping charges.
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