Quilters Delight®200 covers per bag Requires #1 steel curved or straight safety pins


Additional use— the Quilters Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers help children identify which clothes match i.e. shirts and pants.

Orange cover on a shirt goes with pants with orange.

New freedom for kids dressing themselves, saving you time

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Attach Quilters Delight® safety pin grip covers to all your #1 safety pins.

Grip covers attached to safety pins are:

• Easy to use and makes basting faster. Saving you time!

• Easy to pick up and handle for arthritic hands and long fingernails

• Won't tangle when left open and stored - open ready to use saving time for the next quilt

• Covers make it easy to see where you have basted on your quilt

• Attach to #1 straight or curved steel safety pins

• Packaged 200 per bag

• Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty

Safety pin grip covers are attached to #1 straight or curved steel safety pins. Use a crafter type needle nose pliers with a narrow tip to secure the safety pin to the grip cover. It takes less than one hour to attach 200 pins to the covers forever!

Quilters Delight® is recommended by Eleanor Burns and featured on her PBS series "Quilt In A Day."

Please see the How to Install instruction (PDF) (Video)
The safety pin grip covers are available in a mixed bag containing some or all of the following colors.

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